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Open Meeting Room
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Open up a new way to collaborate in the office. Inspire out-of-the-box thinking with a social space that opens up our office meeting pod to a world of possibilities.

Monitor & Camera Frame
Wooden frame houses built-in monitor and camera for seamless office video conferencing.
A fully equipped whiteboard moves over the rail for easy access. Available as an add-on.
Motion Sensor
Occupancy sensor helps you stay energy efficient all day long.
Responsive Lighting
Built-in lighting settings create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation, presentation or meeting.
Built in Powerbox
Powerbox holds cables in place and ensures devices stay charged.
Sustainably Soundproof
Each wall is composed of PET made with upcycled plastic bottles, engineered to reduce office noise.
Accessory Rail
Custom rails for accessories like hooks and shelves, for a clutter-free work session.

40% of employees waste up to 30 minutes a day looking for meeting space in the office. Our Open Meeting Room provides the perfect space for productive, impromptu discussions.

Cost Effective

Our pre-fab office lounge pod creates space for open discussion, shielding from noise, debris, and the cost of traditional construction.

Time Saving

Our Open Meeting Room is safety ensured and installs on-site in the office in just a few hours. No need to chase after permits, contractors and more.


Unlike traditional construction, our Open Meeting Room can be positioned in various places throughout your office, or easily moved to an entirely new location.

Make room for creative brainstorms and meaningful conversations in the office.
No reservations required.

Video conferencing in ROOM’s soundproof office pod for the open office

Connect confidently with built-in video conferencing

The Jabra PanaCast 180-degree camera shows everyone in the room, not just the person in front of the screen.

Compatible with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Teams & Zoom, the PanaCast ensures seamless integration, regardless of your choice of equipment.

People talking inside an open office meeting pod designed by ROOM People talking inside an open office meeting pod designed by ROOM

Our office lounge pods are thoughtfully engineered to keep you charged and connected, while ensuring your workplace is organized and clutter-free.

Hidden electrical and wireless charging in ROOM’s meeting pod for the open office

Power Outlets and Charging

3 AC outlets, one USB-A port and one USB-C port keep your devices charges, minimizing interruptions.


2 CAT6 data ports keep you connected throughout your work session.

Monitor Connection

1 USB-C wire connects your device to the built-in monitor.

Camera Connection

1 USB-A port connects your device to the Jabra PanaCast webcam.

Open meeting pod in dark color designed by ROOM for better meetings

Shut the door on distractions

Seamlessly turn our Open Meeting Room into an enclosed hub for focused brainstorms and office collaboration. Three-paned glass door and ultra-quiet ventilation install available as an upgrade.

by design.

By thinking cyclical, we’re not only designing for the way our products are used, but the way they’re reused. Leveraging recycled plastic bottles for our soundproofing and giving our office meeting pods a second life post-use, we’re making more room for the environment. Learn More
Sustainable meeting pod designed and manufactured by ROOM to inspire better work
Soundproof office phone booth in dark color by ROOM

Phone Booth

Soundproof office pod / meeting room in dark color made by ROOM

Meeting Room

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