Phone Booth

Award-winning soundproof office phone booth

4.8 128 Reviews

Phone Booth

Award-winning soundproof office phone booth

4.8 128 Reviews


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Oak & powder-coated steel
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Accessory Kit
Designed for Phone Booth

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Expand the possibilities of your workspace with an annual protection plan that extends the value of your ROOM products well into the future.

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The world's leading brands choose ROOM.Over 4,500 and counting.

By creating space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings and focused work, the Phone Booth makes a shared space personal. One that is thoughtfully designed to offer the flexibility of a soundproof room that can be assembled and placed anywhere you see fit. The result: a happier, healthier, and more productive way to work.

Sound Insulation

1.6” sound insulation made from recycled materials to tune out the noise.

Ventilation Fans

Two ultra-quiet fans keep you cool under pressure.

Built-in Desk

Desk and magnetic board give you ample space for your big ideas.

Power Outlets

Two outlets keep you powered up for every charged work session.

Motion Sensor

Smart sensor activates the fans and the LED light, helping you stay energy efficient.

Ethernet Port

Optional add-on ethernet port ensures you never miss a connection.

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The word on the street
Amazing purchase at the price point
I fell in love with the design of the ROOM Phone Booths when I first saw them. Then, having them in the office proved to be amazing. They are comfy, easy to assemble, and great with acoustics. At the price point, it's an amazing purchase for the office. Looking to buy some more very soon.
Tony V.
Fits perfectly into our workplace
The ROOM phone booth fits perfectly into our workplace and creates a private space for team members to take phone calls. It is a high quality booth and easy to maintain.
Jose H.
This has solved 90% of our problems!
These booths are unreal, and have already seen heavy traffic. They are perfectly soundproof while still ventilated!
Isabella D.
Sir Kensington’s
Perfect for the needs of our public library
With the overwhelming growth of online meetings, our public library needed to be able to provide a space for our patrons to connect while maintaining their privacy. Many patrons use our wifi and reliable internet to keep them connected in our rural area. The booth expands the library's ability to meet the needs of our community. One other benefit is the free-standing, self-contained nature of the booth. It would require a renovation project to our current building to add the lighting, ventilation, and electrical connections necessary to provide a similar space for online meetings.
Kim T.
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